Citizens Advisory Committee

Call for Volunteers!

Want to learn about what Evesham Fire – Rescue is all about?
Want to get involved in the Evesham Fire – Rescue without being a firefighter or EMT?

We need you – Consider joining the Fire Citizen Advisory Committee.

What is the Fire Citizens Advisory Committee?

The Evesham Fire Citizens Advisory Committee (FCAC) aims to foster meaningful and fulfilling volunteer experiences for the Fire and EMS service in Evesham through an advisory committee to the elected Board of Fire Commissioners. The FCAC is comprised of up to 6 qualified volunteer citizens from Evesham Township who want to provide an invaluable service to the fire district by advising on a variety of subjects which aids the Board and Fire Chief in their decision-making process. This committee is intended to increase public participation in developing plans for meeting the capital facility and equipment needs of Evesham Fire District and to educate the residents in all the valuable services that the District provides.

We want to give all of our volunteers many opportunities to bring their unique expertise and perspectives to our District leaders. FCAC members aid the fire district in communicating the districts purposes and programs to the community increasing the visibility, credibility, and importance of the district to the citizens of Evesham Township.

What is involved?

• The FCAC would generally meet quarterly at one of the three fire stations

• Meeting agendas and minutes would be created and posted publicly

• Appointments will be for staggering 3 year appointments to the FCAC (2-3 years, 2-2 years, 2-1 years)

• FCAC members must be: At least 18 Years of age & Evesham Resident or Business Owner

• FCAC members cannot be: A member of Evesham Fire District, Related to a member/employee of Evesham Fire District, Related to an active Board of Fire Commissioners

How do I apply?
To become a Fire Community Action Committee member, please complete this form and return it to the Fire Administration Office to be consider for appointment.

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