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Welcome to Evesham Fire-Rescue’s webpage. Please take a moment to learn about your fire and emergency services department, organization, operations and history.

Evesham Township is located in Burlington County, NJ and includes a mix of residential and commercial/retail properties, along with a large area of wildland-urban interface. Our township is located in southern New Jersey, on the borders of Burlington and Camden Counties, and encompasses 30 square miles. Our mutual aid districts for Fire and Emergency Medical Services (EMS) include Medford and Mount Laurel in Burlington County, along with Cherry Hill, Voorhees, Waterford and Berlin in Camden County. Evesham Fire-Rescue is a combination career/volunteer agency that delivers both Fire and EMS services to a rapidly growing community of over 48,000 residents. We currently have 39 uniformed career personnel including our Chief, two Deputy Chiefs, two Captains, five Lieutenants, and twenty nine Firefighter/Emergency Medical Technicians. All of our career personnel, with the exception of our newest hires, also carry the additional titles of NJ UFC Fire Inspector and UCC-Fire ICS Inspector and perform fire safety inspection duties in cooperation with our Fire Prevention Division. In addition, we have three full-time non-uniformed personnel comprised of our Business Administrator, MIS(IT) Coordinator, and Administrative Assistant.

Our staffing encompasses about 131 fire and emergency medical personnel; these personnel are comprised of career, per-diem and volunteer firefighter and emergency medical technicians (EMT). Volunteer firefighters must complete a minimum of a 120 hour course to certify as New Jersey Firefighter Level 1 and our volunteer emergency medical personnel must complete a minimum 160 hour course to certify as New Jersey Emergency Medical Technicians. Our career personnel work Monday through Friday, from 6 A.M. to 6 P.M. on a rotating schedule of Monday through Friday daywork and average a 42 hour workweek.

Evenings and weekends are covered by volunteer members, and per-diem EMTs using a mix of duty crews in-station for Fire and EMS, as well as additional personnel responding from home. This blend of career and volunteer staffing offers a high quality and cost effective system for providing Emergency Services to the residents and visitors of Evesham Township. Emergency response operations are delivered from one or all of our three fire-rescue stations which are located strategically throughout Evesham Township. Station 221 is located on Main Street in downtown Marlton, Station 223 is located on Merchants Way in the Kings Grant section of the township and Station 225 is located on Hopewell Road in the Marlton Lakes/Sanctuary section of the township. Each station has a mix of apparatus that provides for both fire and emergency medical services response.

Business operations are conducted from our Fire Administration Office is located within the Evesham Township Municipal Building. The Fire Administration Office is home to our Division of Fire Prevention/Education. In addition, our Business Administrator and Administrative Assistant also work from the Fire Administration Office and provide extensive support to the operations of the Fire Department and Board of Fire Commissioners. The administration office is open Monday through Friday from 830am to 430pm and can be reached by calling (856) 983-2750.

Governance of Evesham Fire-Rescue is provided by the Evesham Township Fire District No. 1 through a publicly elected five member Board of Fire Commissioners. The Fire District created by Evesham Township Ordinance No. 68-20 has all the powers of municipal government except the power to legislate. All local legislation (ordinances) are created through the Evesham Township Council. The Fire District is the responsible public agency for providing all Fire and Emergency Medical Services for and to the township. In addition, the Fire District operates the Office of Emergency Management and provides Uniform Construction Code services to the townships’ Department of Community Development. The Board of Fire Commissioners are responsible for establishing operational policies, hiring and appointing members, and the funding for the operations of the Fire District within the guidelines and statutes of the State of New Jersey. The board, as public officials, must follow all of the rules that are promulgated for public agencies.

The Board of Fire Commissioners each serve a three year term, with the elections staggered over the three year term. The election for the Board of Fire Commissioners is held during the November General Election. Approval of the annual budget is no longer required on the public ballot, and can increase by 2% with Board of Fire Commissioner approval, in accordance with New Jersey State Law. From time to time, special elections may be held to approve bond issues and/or capital expenditures.

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