Evesham Fire-Rescue personnel are part of a team, a team that gains satisfaction from knowing that they are making a difference in their community. The knowledge and experiences that you gain by being an EFR member enable you to better help your family, friends, and neighbors in their times of need. You will gain greater self-esteem and provide a valuable and necessary community service in the process. A well planned duty schedule enables volunteers to participate in standby duty at Fire-Rescue Stations to respond to incidents that do not require a full department response.

How do I join?
To become part of the team call (856) 983-2750, or download our application. You may also visit any one of our stations and pick up an application. Upon completion of the application, you must return it to our Fire Administration Office at 984 Tuckerton Rd, Evesham, NJ 08053. The membership application process will include a confidential background check. After successfully completing a physical agility test and a free physical exam, you will be inducted as a recruit fire or EMS member. Applicants must be at least 18 years of age.

What training will I receive?
You will receive Firefighter and/or Emergency Medical Technician certification through the Burlington County Fire Academy. Training courses are available during the evening hours and on weekends. These courses are offered at no charge to EFR members. All required equipment and safety gear is provided by the department.

Required training for a firefighter consists of approximately 125 hours of basic firefighting techniques including; fire behavior, rescue, salvage, overhaul, ladder practices, ventilation, firefighting tactics, water supply and more. These classes are usually held two nights during the week, or all day on Saturdays over a four month period.

Required training for an Emergency Medical Technician consists of a 240 hour state certification course which includes ambulance operations, CPR, bandaging, splinting, oxygen delivery, patient assessment, and more. These classes are usually held two nights during the week over a four month period.

Both Fire and EMS recruits receive training in the use of the Incident Command System and Hazardous Materials recognition. Additionally, more advanced training is provided at no cost to EFR members who wish to further their fire or EMS education.

Evesham Fire-Rescue Explorer Post 226
Established in 1995 in association with the Boy Scouts of America, Evesham Fire-Rescue developed Explorer Post 226. The Evesham Fire Explorer Post is a youth oriented program directed at helping young adults who have an interest in the fire service.

The program meets two Thursdays a month at various fire stations throughout the township from the hours of 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. Explorers are taught the basic skills of firefighting and first aid. Much of the training is hands-on and is supervised by Evesham Fire-Rescue personnel. Meetings also include field trips to various outside agencies that the Evesham Fire-Rescue works with.

At age 14, you can join the Evesham Fire-Rescue Explorer Post. The Explorer Post is nationally recognized by the Boy Scouts of America. Explorers participate in training, field trips and other department functions. At age 16 you will be permitted to ride on the apparatus as an observer, and at age 17 you may apply to attend firefighter or EMT classes. Upon reaching the age of 18, you’ll be trained and ready to respond to emergency incidents.

Explorers will learn how hard work, discipline, and a structured work environment in the fire service promote safety and teamwork toward successfully completing a common objective. Explorers will also gain a sense of pride in serving the community. Parents will witness the positive outcome by having their child enroll in this growing program.

The Explorers are always in search of energetic young men and women who are eager to learn more about the fire service. Any resident of Evesham between the ages of 14, provided they have completed 8th grade, and 18 years of age, are eligible to apply. If you are willing to make the commitment simply write to:

Evesham Fire Explorers and Membership Applications should be sent to:

Evesham Fire-Rescue
C/O Recruitment and Retention Officer
P.O. Box 276
Evesham, NJ 08053

Be sure to include your name, address, telephone number, age, and the name of the school in which you are currently enrolled. Join the team! Make a change for the better!

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