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Dear Members:

Over the past eight months, Evesham Fire-Rescue’s career and volunteer fire and EMS operations were evaluated by an independent agency to develop a strategic plan to guide our organization.  The final work document was returned to us and it is now the task of the Board of Fire Commissioners and the Command Staff to evaluate the findings. In my years here at EFD, this document is actually the fourth strategic plan to be published. This strategic plan, and past strategic plans, have all come with various recommendations for organizational and service improvement and it is important to remember that each previous plan was evaluated and some aspects implemented. In our history, we have not ignored all strategic plan recommendations, nor have we implemented all recommendations from any of the plans. The point of mentioning our past actions is to keep everything in perspective. The strategic plan is a tool to ensure that our organization is performing at a high level and providing the best service to our citizens in a cost-efficient manner and in accordance with various state laws and recognized best practices.

Hard copies of the strategic plan have been distributed to the Commissioners, Command Staff and have placed in each of the stations. We have also published the PDF document on our Member’s Website via a shared drive. Please do not print any additional copies of the plan from within our stations, it is over 125 pages in length. I encourage everyone to read the document and contact myself or their command officer if you have any questions.

Chief Bryan Ward

Document :     Evesham Fire-Rescue Strategic Plan 2016

A Message About The Strategic Plan