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Per-diem Emergency Medical Technician Job Opportunity

PAY RATE: $18.00/hour

The Board of Fire Commissioners of Evesham Township Fire District No.1 is accepting applications for the position of per-diem EMT (PDEMT).  The PDEMT provides pre-hospital Basic Life Support (BLS) services, in conjunction with other EMS members and as a member of a patient care team, while completing all required documentation and other assigned duties supporting efficient EMS operations and representing Evesham Fire District (EFD) in a positive and professional manner.

The Per-diem EMT is an at-will employee position. The PDEMT will be required to submit a minimum of (36) hours of availability, (12) of those hours being weekend shifts, on a monthly basis and work a minimum of (36) hours on a monthly basis. No PDEMT will be eligible to work more than (24) hours weekly. (12) hour day, night, and weekend shifts are available.  PDEMT compensation begins at $18/hour. Candidates must complete a medical physical and background check.

Interested applicants can download an employment application HERE

(If you download the document to your computer, it will be a fillable PDF)

Criminal History Procedure can be downloaded HERE. (MUST BE SUBMITTED WITH APPLICATION)

The FULL EMT Job Description can be viewed HERE.

Completed employment application and copies, as indicated in the application, can be submitted by mail or hand-delivered.

MAIL:                                                                                          DELIVERY M-F 9a to 4p:
Evesham Township Fire District No.1                                   Evesham Township Fire District No.1
Attn: PDEMT                                                                               984 Tuckerton Rd, Suite 205
PO Box 276                                                                                 Evesham, NJ 08053
Evesham, NJ 08053                                                                    Attn: PDEMT