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A Message from Chief Bryan Ward about the Proposed 2017 Budget

Dear Residents:

Evesham Fire District No. 1 is asking for the

public’s support of our proposed 2017 operating

budget and bond referendum at the annual

Fire District election to be held on Saturday,

February 18th.  The voting date is set by

New Jersey State law and the polls will be open

from 2pm to 9pm at all three of Evesham’s

fire stations.  If you cast a mail-in ballot, we ask

for your support as well.

The Fire District is asking for our residents to approve our proposed 2017 Operating Budget which provides for a ZERO TAX INCREASE.  This is the third consecutive year that Evesham Fire District No. 1 has had a zero tax increase.  Our budget plan will allow us to continue to provide superior levels of fire and emergency medical services to the citizens of Evesham Township. Last year our organization answered more than 1,650 calls for fire service and over 4,400 emergency medical incidents. Additionally, over 4,200 fire inspections were performed resulting in every commercial building in Evesham Township being inspected at least once.
In addition to the budget being voted on, we are also asking for public support of a bond referendum to replace one rescue vehicle and thirty aging Automatic External Defibrillators (AEDs).  Our rescue truck is twenty-two years old and will be almost twenty-four years old by the time the replacement and delivery process is complete. Our fleet of AEDs is fifteen years old and these machines are used in an effort to shock a heart into a normal rhythm during cardiac arrest.  Your firefighters and EMTs respond to seventy-five cardiac arrest calls annually, or more than 1,000 in the last fifteen years. Approval of the bond referendum will result in a ZERO TAX INCREASE.  

The Evesham Fire District is by far the lowest per capita cost fire department in our area. This is a fact that we are very proud of as these costs not only include fire protection, but ambulance service and commercial business fire inspections. We also use the largest number of volunteers (100) of any fire district in the area to deliver top quality, cost effective fire and ambulance service. Our use of this blend of local resident highly trained volunteers along with a top notch career staff has served to keep our operating cost low and, more importantly our fire and ambulance services at a high level, which our residents both demand and deserve.

We appreciate your support for our mission of “Providing Quality Fire and EMS Services.”

Bryan Ward
Bryan Ward, Fire Chief